The Security cameras They recorded the moment when a The gang of thieves Entered a vehicle in one of the urbanization Samborondon RoadInside GuayaquilAnd the security guards let them in through the exit lane behind a resident of the gate Urbanization.

Three houses were robbed on Sunday night, April 10, 2022 Vista Al Sal UrbanizationIn sectors with the highest social stratification Sambrondon (Guas). Police said six people were to be arrested and involved in the next operation Four security guards.

Some people have also been rescued Things that have been stolen. Meanwhile, two of the detainees were found wearing sweaters resembling police logos in their homes, though they were ‘non-regulatory’ clothing.

Stolen items have been recovered

Colonel Holger CortezDeputy Commander Police Area 8Two reports Suspect arrested A. Samanese expedition, North of Guayaquil. The other four Arrested In this case they Security guard.

“A review of the videos shows that the guards did not execute them Specific controls and recording functions To those who got in the vehicle, “said Cortez.

Police recovered nine mobile terminals, four laptops, three jewelery, a safe and documents. Evidence of crime. The Stolen items Was recognized by the victim. In addition, a goat’s foot type tool and four Sweaters like the logos used by the police.

Among those detained at the Samanes home were Ligia Elena RG, 47, and others Criminal record. There were also reports of arrests of Antonio Renan MR, 44, who recorded the arrests. Stole, Invalid traffic Of drugs and Extortion.

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