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A principal in Migori County has gifted his 2021 candidates with two goats to be slaughtered for a feast next week after the completion of national KCSE examinations.

Emmanuel Owino, the Principal of Kehancha Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary School surprised his students with the goats this week.

Owino told the candidates that the goats shall only be slaughtered on condition that they clear their exams with discipline.

The school head, who took to social media to praise the candidates on their dedication towards academic goals now wants the candidates to remain disciplined throughout their stay in school as they finalize the examinations.

In the photos shared by Owino, the students were seen sharing moments of happiness when he handed over the goats to them.

This move comes in the midst of exams irregularity cases in other schools from across the country since the exam began two weeks ago.

In his post he noted how far they had come despite the challenges they have endured in the academic journey asking the candidates to maintain the highest level of discipline they have shown since joining the school.

“Today I gifted the 2021 candidates two goats that may die in a weeks’ time if they maintain their high discipline throughout the exam period. We look forward to the last supper. Tumetoka mbali na tumepitia mengi pamoja!” he wrote.

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