Consumers have found more products on the market this weekend, but at higher prices. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

The Market Of Quito Was able to deliver Fresh products This weekend is Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2022. There is more variety though VegetablesThere are many High price.

On Saturday, June 25, some Dr. 150 trucks Loaded with ProductsTo supply its market Quito. Edison CarrilloCoordinator District Chamber of CommerceIndicated that this has been achieved with protection The police National and municipal entities.

According to the official, the Quito Market In general they provided 60% on the weekends. About this Market Of Sun RockWhere products are sold Business On a smaller scale, supply was 90%.

There is uncertainty among traders due to the protests. “Some did not stockpile Vegetables No. Vegetables Because they are wary of buying from one Price increaseThan usual. They do not want to risk their investment. ”

Not all at the supply center Fresh products What Vegetables, meat Of Chicken Y Eggs In Santa Clara Market There was little arrival Customers And many were local Off. Those who opened were not enough Food. The BroccoliThe Carrots Y Vech Rare, more Coriander, There are those Price Inside the clouds.

There are more products on the Quito market, but at higher prices

Magdalena Chiluisa, MerchantCommented before tying Coriander They got it at USD 1. Now it costs USD 10. Box Tomatoes What they used to get for 15 USD is now being sold for up to 45 USD. For these High price, The woman could not buy anything and devoted herself to selling some of the products she had.

According to Chiluisa, that’s the problem Speculation Occurs in price Market Of Sun Rock, Where he gets his supplies. This Sunday, June 26, it was very early there. They were selling Tomato box At $ 45 despite buying at 25, he said. The woman asked the authorities to keep an eye on the price Wholesale market.

Carillo explained that not because of the problem SpeculationBut for high Logistic costs Which now exist so that the products reach the commercialization centers. “Production is low and demand is high at this time. In addition, carriers have to suffer on the road to transport goods, paying “tolls” to those who block the road. The situation makes the products more expensive, he said.

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