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President Lasso’s allegations were disputed in the plenary session of the legislature

Roger Village. Editor (I)

105 votes in favor, Plenary of the Assembly Accept an offer Mario Ruiz, From Five-leggedA resolution debate on the complaint Blackmail By legislators Executive.

The President, Guadalupe lorry, Welcoming his co-idea request to include this issue as a second item on the agenda Session Plenary No. 770 installed on March 29, 2022.

Only 25 MLAs Officialism They voted against Ruiz’s proposal. Also 4 people were restrained.

The legislator said the proposal was rejected by the president’s “stupid and reprehensible statement”. William Lasso And that must present the ruling bloc Complaint To activate internally Committee From Morality Legislative Assembly

The government rejected the condemnation of Pachakutik in the assembly

Prior to the session, the ruling party had announced that it would not file charges against the five legislators for an internal inquiry into the legislature. Blackmail From GovernmentAnd let this wind out Prosecution.

So sure John Ferdinand FlowerThe head of the National Agreement (BAN) bank, which consolidates Faith And council members IndependentThis Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

“The complaint has been lodged with the appropriate body and those with whom it is complied with, in this case the office of the State Attorney General, which has already started the investigation process and has informed everyone involved in the complaint and the complaint should be lodged there.” They have solved the responsibility of each of them, ”he said.

That process could be made in Parliament

According to parliamentary procedure, only if a complaint is lodged against a legislator and is qualified by the Board of Directors of the Legislature (Lime) The ethics committee may be active as a process of dismissal last year Bella Jimenez (ID) for charge management and improper collection.

“The ethics committee can only act on the basis of what is established by law, and until it is out of the prosecutor’s office where it is today, it will be more difficult to consider here,” Flores noted.

The legislator assured that Jimenez’s situation was different Rosa Serda, Gisela Molina, Marcelino Chumpi, Christian Ucaila And Edgar CuizzadaFrom Pachakutik to whom Lasso brought allegations of soliciting money and positions to vote under the Investment Act.

He instructed that Five-legged It will be up to the legislature to decide whether to provide alternative leadership to these legislators, while the prosecutor’s office will proceed with the investigation.

Flores said all benches were met for investment legislation at the legislature level.

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