Lasso hopes to announce an electronic prescription system for drug purchases in June, an initiative that will be part of a pharmacy outsourcing plan. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

A few days after the first year of the current government, President Md William Lasso This has moved to Tuesday, May 17, 2022, with plans to announce the system in June Electronic prescription As a solution Corruption In The hospital Public

“I hope that on June 1, of course, the electronic prescription system will announce that this little game of corruption, where hospital managers bought drugs from pharmaceutical companies, is over. Many times they bought drugs that were not needed and cost more, ”Lasso said at the weekly meeting of Let’s Meet for Citizenship in Carondellet.

The head of state explained that the National Public Procurement System Service “with a new bidding system” (Circup) Managed to achieve it The medicines A At a lower price. “With the same health budget, we will probably buy more medicine for Ecuadorians,” he assured.

Issued Electronic prescription Part of the plan Pharmacy Outsourcing The broader public health network, which became official with Decree 378, was issued March 22.

The Vice Presidency reported that, along with other health organizations, an updated portfolio of 381 drugs which National Table of Basic MedicineFor a certain number of specific (chronic) pathologies, the distribution of which will be outsourced.

May 24, Lasso celebrates one year as President of the country. On that day, he must present an account of his management Assembly National and indicates that it has prepared its report to the nation. You need to polish it though. “I want this to be the most comprehensive 12-month management report,” the president said.

Safety, second term priority

Lasso spoke again Rafael Correa. The president questioned “politicians of evil faith” who compared the results of his 11-month government with another 10 years. It “didn’t work in 2007 or 2008 or 2009.”

The president assessed that the immunization plan was his “greatest work” in the first term, from which others emerged. Economic. For next year, Lasso will be the priority Security And Work

In this sense, he noted that “popular advice is an issue that is still in the pipeline”, which is being analyzed, and “the safety of Ecuadorians” will be a priority.

He also referred to justice and criticized judges who acted “out of fear, cowardice or economic interests” in the face of intimidation. Criminal gang. Lasso called one of the judicial authorities.

“I am claiming that the president of the National Court of Justice, Dr. Evan Sakuisela, stand firm because he is responsible for the work of the judiciary He has to solve these problems, like I am solving problems with the government, with the executive branch, “he claimed.

Finally, he stressed that during his visit to Israel, he was able to support the country in its fight against Ecuador. Organized crimeDrug trafficking. ”

“We have started work. The priority will be security and we are going to invest all the resources we need The police Ecuador has the best technology, the best equipment, the best vehicles to be able to fight this evil that has been infiltrating for 15 years. We will do the same with it Armed forcesLasso reassured.

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