Colombia’s president denied on Tuesday that his government had bought or paid for one of the president’s planes from Ecuador. Photo: Social Network

The President of ColombiaEvan Duke has denied that his government bought or paid for one Presidential plane Guillermo Lasso, as his Ecuadorian opponent, hints at Ecuador. Although negotiations for a possible acquisition have begun, it was indicated on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

“Colombia has talked to Ecuador about a plane available to them. But I want to emphasize this point: it didn’t happen The final No discussion, Not paid No planes or planes will be bought during my government, “Duke told the media.

Lasso confirmed this Tuesday that he had sold one of the two presidential planes Legacy Embraer In the administration of former President Rafael Correa (2007-2017), acquired from Colombia for মার্কিন 8 million.

Aircraft transactions

Ecuadorians say it is a “transparent” transaction from state to state But Duke insisted that “we have not bought or paid for any aircraft” and that this would be the next government to take office on August 7.

Colombian President says Colombian Air Force (FAC) It says there are “very old planes that will be shut down soon.” Therefore, in last year’s budget, some resources were already considered “for an evaluation and advance discussion that could allow this replacement to be made at the best price for Colombia.”

What are you looking forward to? ” StudyAnalyzes so that the next government decides “, since” it is clear that aircraft older than 30 or 40 years present a risk and that risk is imminent in 2023 “.

The process follows

Ecuador’s Minister of Economy, Simon Cueva, notified the Colombian Air Force of the sale on Monday, May 16, although a few hours later the Technical Secretariat of Real Estate Management of the Public Sector (Immobilia), in charge of the State Office, issued a statement. The management of the process followed.

The aircraft in question is an Embraer Legacy EMB-135-BJ, with a capacity of 14 passengers, distributed in three cabins, including carpet and leather seats, and has a kitchen and a luggage room.

In 2008, the Ecuadorian government bought the device from the Brazilian company Embra for a period of about 28 28 million in Korea. It was then incorporated into the Ecuadorian Air Force for the exclusive use of the President. But Lasso decided to put it up for sale on August 31, 2021, by a decree restricting its use in “exceptional circumstances”.

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