Associate Judge Adrian Rojas Suspended Audience Evaluation and preparatory Judgment Against 18 people have been charged For complaints Guess A. Constant case.

This perseverance was scheduled for Monday, March 28, 2022 The court National Judgment. However, it was not installed.

Because this decision has been made Attorney One of the accused will be Friend And defenders of civil and administrative matters Treasury Surrogate, Wilson ToaingaOn behalf of the person who was present at the hearing Prosecution.

Judge Rojas has not yet set a date for the hearing. When judicial appointments are resumed, the associate judge must be analyzed Research The public, which lasts 120 days, does not commit to the prosecutor Violation From Proper process Or Rights Per Defending The magistrate must decide whether to declare Empty Or Valid Process.

Prosecution theory

The lawsuit was filed on August 5, 2008. On that date, the Ministry From DefendingEcuadorian Air Force (FAE) And the National Defense Board has made seven acquisitions dhuv helicopter For more than that 45 million.

This acquisition took place during the tenure of the government Rafael Correa. Four of them The plane crashed.

The prosecution determined that Allegations of irregularities A case was filed against 15 people for that purchase and embezzlement. That charging hearing was held in October 2021. Subsequently, three more were criminally involved.

There are two in the list of accused Former defense ministers From time to time Crismo, A Former commander Of Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) And other military passive services.

Them Defense They make sure that Proof Of the Public Prosecutor’s Office They are not “adequate, clear or precise”. They further say that their accused did not commit any crime.

Why did the investigation start a few years after the purchase of the helicopter?

In 2009, then MLA Fasto Kobo The one presented Complaints By Acquisition Those Ships. That same year, the prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation.

Seven years later, the then Attorney General. Galo Chiriboga, dismissed The Research And 14 April 2016 Has appealed to the Presidency of the National Court of Justice Archive Of Complaints.

At this time he assured The material did not exist A to start Criminal adaptation And its report was necessary Criminal liability Initiation of signaling by Comptroller (IRP) Guess.

This IRP has declared the requirement unconstitutional Constitutional Court In July 2019. This was the argument used by the present Diana Salazar, Attorney General, Ask to be Reopen the case The December 23, 2020.

Fines for embezzlement

Article 257 Extensive criminal biological code (COIP), Complaints when valid InvalidSet a Pain Eight to 12 years old Jail For crime Guess.

The same rule applies Pain Until 16 years From Prison “If the breach refers to the funds earmarked for national defense.”

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