This is a 1.2 meter device that can drop explosives, fly over a target War And stay in the air for 30 minutes as well as reaching speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour.

According to the bulletin, nuclear scientist Atomic scientists, It will be a drone built by a Russian company Kalashnikov. It is the company that also makes the Ak-47 assault rifle.

The press office of the Russian company indicated: “Access to its services New drones Of attack. Serial delivery is expected to begin in 2022.

This name Technology What many classify as a robot is the ZALA Aero KUB-BLA.

In fact, according to the publication of scientists, the drone has already been seen near Kiev, in UkraineAnd the pictures were broadcast by Telegram last March

But the question arises whether this is InstrumentThe coordinates of its targets have been introduced to determine who lives or who dies without human help or whether it is managed. Too far.

Ukraine’s population is concerned about the war power that Russia is betting on, a catastrophe that continues to be questioned by UN agencies. (UN) And the International Red Cross.

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