Referential image. Several names are being considered for the 2023 divisional election who want to run for mayor of Quito. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO.

Just nine months Departmental selectionSome names start to sound like possible Candidate Per Mayor of Quito. On February 5, 2023, Departmental authority In all Ecuador.

Name that word for mayor

Related 14 names May be a candidate for mayor of Quito, it has already happened 2019 When they appear in the election 18 candidatesOut of which only 4 people have achieved concentration in voting 1.6 million voters.

So far there are only Two government candidatesAbout Wilson Merino Who was the executive director of the Cecilia Rivadaneira Foundation and the leader of a new civic movement called “”IrresistibleWith this group, it will be presented in the ballot on February 5.

Another official name Maria Jose CarionThose were the parts Country Alliance In the government Rafael Correa and Moreno. He was also a MLA twice Pichincha And held some public offices. With movementCity dwellers”Accepted Pre-candidacy March 28, 2022 at the office of the Mayor of Quito.

Potential candidates

Quito mayoral candidates who will be subject to political group or sponsorship analysis:

  • Mary Luis Maldonado Whoever is a social leader will be the party he will go to the polls with Civil revolution.
  • Pablo Munoz Lopez An assemblyman from Pichincha province and can go along Civil revolution.
  • Elena Koloma A councilor from the Metropolitan District of Quito, he will join the party Believe me.
  • Patrick Allercon He is a businessman and can enter with her Social Christian Party For departmental elections.

Names that have lost their power

The names of those who have disappeared from the public arena in the course of time are as follows:

  • Fernando Carrion He was an architect and city planner who was already part of the Quito municipality, his name was heard earlier this year, but apparently he refused because of health reasons.
  • Xavier Harvas A former Republican presidential candidate also sounded like a potential candidate, but the Democratic Left Party explained that Harves would run in the 2025 presidential election.
  • Juan Carlos Holguin He served as Ecuador’s foreign minister, his name also heard, but he denied his involvement because he was focused on government work.
  • Luis Eduardo Vivanco He is a journalist and on his social networks he will be outlined as a potential candidate in the 2023 election. Nevertheless, many see this potential candidacy in a sarcastic tone.

Problems dealing with in Quito

In the main Problems That suffers Quito Its theme MobilitySo far, no clear plan has been presented for a possible solution to this problem.

Another area of ​​interest Crime Y. UnemploymentWhile it is true that the government should intervene directly in these issues, the municipality can also intervene to find a better situation that gives Quito security.

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