They eat separately from the rest of the prisoners. They have one Spice menuHe composed Meat, Chicken Y. Pigs. Their cells are exclusively suitable for them. They have beds Comfortable mattress And enjoy Blanket. They have access to cell phones, they even have televisions and refrigerators.

So it is Political cells And Leader of the criminal ring In Ecuador’s rehabilitation system. Three prison guides and two ex-convicts told EL COMERCIO how prisoners who are known for corruption and others live to become the head of a criminal organization.

This description is not isolated. The Commission for Pacific and Penitentiary Dialogue He confirmed this in his first activity report. The agency, formed by President Guillermo Lasso, has condemned multiple irregularities in the country’s prisons.

Official documents state that “political ‘prisoners and the rich have access to luxury apartments.”

Unequal situation

Alfredo Norvez is one of the commissioners who has visited the centers since last December He said that during his visit to the prison, he saw “inhumane conditions” that deprived people live in.

“In a place where one should sleep, rest up to three. There is Mattress thinner than cardboard. But the biggest concern is that the vast majority do not have access to prisons or the same psychological treatment as politicians, ”he said.

This relationship is the last resort Habeas corpus That allowed the release of the former vice president George Glass. According to Commissioner Norvez, when they visited Latakunga Jail There were some people who informed about the health condition of their former officer correism.

In fact, Glass argued that he was running out of jail Take your own life For its information Violence. But rehabilitation service workers (Snai) Note that he was among the prisoners who were removed.

Meanwhile, relatives of the detainees from Kotopaksi Prison noted that their relatives had not been evacuated since the latest clashes began.

“Only those who have money survive there. The guards take care of them and even other prisoners protect them. The rest of the prisoners are at the mercy of what will happen, “said Roza, a woman who meets every two weeks with her husband, who is serving a five-year sentence in that prison.

A part of these allegations has also been proved Pacific Commission. In their report, they further point out that “prison guides (mafias) are given weekly checks. If they do not accept it, they are threatened, and if they accept it, they become part of the corrupt system. “

Similarly, they have hinted that “the police are the right hand of the leaders” and they give them Protection.
The interior minister, Patricio Carrillo, indicated that he did not have enough evidence to substantiate the allegations, and called on the police chief to request further details from the commission.

Psychological effects

Its a creature Human rights Also talks about the differences that Political prisoner With the rest of the prisoners.

The Standing Committee on Human Rights in Guayaquil has expressed concern about the elderly who have Chronic diseases And those who are suffering Psychological effects.

This incident, for example, captives Guayaquil Penitentiary. At that center, activists denounce the fact that there are prisoners who have to sleep in rooms where genocide and dismemberment were committed in the 2021 genocide.

“It’s a high emotional impact that they live in. It increases the level of stress and violence,” the human rights committee said.

The most advantageous

A center whose prisoners enjoy the most AdvantageQuito Prison 4. They have exceeded these facilities Politician For Corruption Such as George Glass, Alex Bravo, Carlos Pereza Yanuzelli, former police commander, Fasto Tamayo and those involved in the FIFA Gate case and Daniel Salsedo.

There is no crowd. Detainees have access to the Internet and electronic media. Visits are regular and there are cells that receive a maximum of six people.

It is a suitable home as a prison. From National Assembly They tried to propagate the law to close this prison, but they did not succeed. It is a center that was initially established for police officers but over time it has become Politicians in prison And arrests for activities Corruption.

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