Of course, democratic consciousness does not exist if it is not based on respect for the institution of the republic. And judgments and sentences of justice cannot always satisfy everyone. There is widespread outrage over the release of former Vice President Jorge Glass. Fighting also broke out among his supporters. And there are many reasons to believe that the habeas corpus granted to him has some procedural flaws, especially since it was not enacted by the provincial court of Cotopaxi, which had jurisdiction to deal with the case.

The government has said it respects the separation of functions, but has appealed the judge’s decision in accordance with the law. However, the newspaper already revealed in its digital edition yesterday that, from page 11 of the hearing, it appears that Alexis Vascons (Snai), a representative of the Extensive Care Services for Disadvantaged Adults, made no objection. .

A good sector of citizens are dissatisfied with the judicial resolution, because glass is one of the symbols of the corruption of revisionist governments and on which the weight of the two suffixes rests. While this is still a rumor, civic perceptions believe that habeas corpus is the result of a political agreement. And this, whether true or not, affects the image of a government that already has very little room for maneuver in the legislature.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the presidency. It most likely the numbers will not be in your favor. Many who voted for Guillermo Lasso did more because of his anti-Corista position than his political and economic ideology.

In this situation, Carondelet is creating subtle tunes with questions that would make a popular suggestion. Political experience teaches us that many popular suggestions are more than a thermometer for presidential administration. The government needs to evaluate its political strategy carefully so that it does not lose. It should not be forgotten that Caraismo can be strengthened even after his release from prison.


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