Railway station ProjemisalOn the border with Ukraine, it has become one of the main entry points Poland Ukrainian refugees. They fled the battlefield and from where convoys were organized to distribute them to other cities.

The flow of people from the platforms and the adjacent roads is uninterrupted within 24 hours, as the EFE was able to verify this early Saturday, February 26, 2022, and most of the refugees from Ukraine Women, children and the elderly.

A device of about a hundred people, in National and municipal police, firefighters, Members of the paramilitary forces and Ukrainian or Polish volunteers, students of that language, flood people with tea thermoses and baskets of sandwiches.

Arriving at the station, dating to a huge building dating back to 1855, its staff Help He takes the people to a registration table, if they want to move to the Polish city as soon as possible and group them according to their preferred destination.

Pole offer ride

Many people offer refugees free travel to their own major Polish cities VehiclesIn the case of two Belarusian friends, there is a sign in Ukrainian, such as: “Per KrakowRoom for three.

We are volunteers, we don’t want anyone to pay for us, we are here to help. “They explain EFE.

Station lights stay on all night, even in the waiting room used as a bedroom Women and children Where about 80 folding loungers with blankets lined up.

As the hours progressed, the number of people increased and it was decided to take advantage of the first floor of the building, which houses the office, to accommodate more loungers. Mothers with children and pregnant women.

Social workers non-stop throughout the morningr Bowl, thermos, bowl and roll of juice and goulash To the newcomers and to the crowd that fills every corner of the station and the small improvised kitchen is not enough.

Despite the emergency and stressful environment, the company is excellent, and when someone uses a loudspeaker to announce the departure of a car or to claim drivers, such as the fourteen people registered to travel to Krakow, there is a momentary silence and everyone pays attention. Attention.

Shifts are established to take advantage of available plugs, since virtually everyone uses their mobile phones to communicate with them. Beloved Or to share news.

The flow of refugees has increased in one day

According to which Brigadier Md Rzeszow fire extinguisher (Provincial capital), Daniel DrainacAbout 1,500 people arrived at Prajemisal station on Thursday, but the number was apparently higher on Friday night.

Taisia, a woman from the Ukrainian city Kharkiv (East), tells EFE that her husband is a municipal police officer and therefore could not take her to Poland; “They forced him to stay and fight, but he volunteered,” she says.

There are groups of men on the platforms who smoke and share information about the cities they come from (Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov), although at 02:00 the temperature is a few degrees below zero.

Tatiana, a Ukrainian mother of three, explains to EFE that she travels with her two brothers, and when they offer her to go to the bedroom to rest, she prefers to stay with her.

“No matter what happens, from now on we will always be together.” It says.

Poland ready to take refugees

Shortly before 03:00, the mayor of Prajemisal came, Ozsich BakunWho told EFE that “it is impossible to know how many people have come or will come,” but hoped “more cities and more governments will show their love for these people.”

“I haven’t slept more than two or three in the last 72 hours,” he said before continuing to monitor the assistive device.

The cries of the children can be heard again with the light of dawn Bedroom Improvised And a group of volunteers rushed through the isle with boxes full of staff animals.

The Government Polish He welcomes all refugees who have come to Poland to escape the war and assures that the country’s “labor market” could “exploit one million Ukrainians” if necessary.

Warsaw It has set up eight reception points on its border with Ukraine and accepts anyone who brings an identification document, passport or work permit issued in Ukraine and does not need a vaccination certificate against Kovid-19 to expedite the process.

More than one million Ukrainians live in Poland and Informal estimates sThey say this number is about two million.

The UN believes that Ukraine has already forced war About 100,000 people were displaced And in the future one to four million Ukrainians may suffer the same fate.


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