Illegal items have been seized in this list Littoral Pensioners It’s long. Guns, rifles, ammunition, knives, drugs and parts of dozens of cellphones. Convulsions Presented by the National Police.

General Victor Hugo ZarateThe commander of the police zone 8, reported that the strategic units of the police entered the mandapa this Friday, February 25, 2022 morning, which was registered Shot Evening.

During the operation, a 5.56 caliber rifleFour 9-mm pistols with a handmade submachine gun and 21 chargers.

Also, they were found 171 cartridge 9 mm49 .223 caliber cartridges, 32 cell phones, seven knives and drug packaging.

The Prison Center on Doule Road, north of Guayaquil, registered new shootings and shootings this Thursday, February 24, 2022.

The National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) reported that a clash with the PPL from the pavilion resulted in a reported inmate. Leg wounds.

Penitentiary became last year The most violent prison in the country, The registration of three unprecedented genocides, the result of a fight between the parties controlling the pavilions. Police and military forces have been camping outside the pavilions since November 15, 2021, limiting the level of violence in prisons.

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