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Police recovered 2.8 tonnes of drugs loaded with pineapple

Its staff Dog training Alert record after an inspection carried with Drug dogs Jesse. And Police officer Seize 2.8 tons of drugs hidden in a container Shipment of pineapple For export, bound for Belgium.

The Confiscation This Sunday, April 10, 2022 was registered at one of the Guayaquil maritime terminals. Holger CortezDeputy Commander Police Area 8Indicates that the load is outlined as hazardous Drug traffic And so the inspection is carried out.

Among the pineapple loads, police found 3,095 Packets of cocaine Inside 45 jute bags. Seizure net weight 2 Tons 869 Kilo 992 g.

Cortez indicated that 28.6 million doses of the drug had been prevented from being delivered through Operation PiƱas. International market, Although no one was arrested in the case. V.Load value Boundaries USD 4.3 million and in World market It costs 2 142.4 million, he said.

A new seizure this Monday

Meanwhile, the police has given a new information Drug seizures, This Monday, April 11 morning an operation is still going on. The arrests were recorded Cargo Container CompanyAlso located South of Guayaquil.

Police found a block of cocaine in an empty container during an inspection. Alkaloid Hall Disguised on the floor of the potAccording to private information.

The arrest took place on Kakik Tomala Avenue in Guasmo, a few kilometers from the port of Guayaquil. In fact, authorities blamed the outbreak of violence in the area south of the city The war for territory Of Drug trafficking Y. Micro traffic.

Last Friday night, the police also destroyed 2.4 tons of drugs. Run the collar Which was destined for Sweden, as well as in Europe.

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