A citizen alert allows authorities to arrive on time so that no citizen jumps off the bridge. Photo: ECU 911 Portoviejo

Quick move this Sunday, May 22, 2022 National Police ECU 911 coordinates with the operational staff of the Zonal Center PortoviejoManbi prevents a person from trying his life in the province.

Warned about a call Urgent. Subsequently, the incident was spotted by ECU 911 video surveillance cameras, located in the sector. Port Royal BridgeSeptember 26 on the street and Puerto Real.

Relief agencies have identified a civilian sitting on the railing of the bridge, his body on the edge of a metal structure. The movement of police personnel was immediately coordinated, with the aim of preventing the person from launching himself.

Elements of the Police Motorized Operations Group (GOM) arrived at the scene. They Dialogue With the person and keep him in a safe place. He was then handed over to her Relatives.

ECU 911 Portoviejo Zonal Center has 537 video surveillance cameras, with which it performs. Observation Permanent in the province Woman.

According to statistics, from January to March 2022 68 Emergencies Such.


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