A police graduation ceremony was held at Tambilo, a police training school. Photo: Courtesy – Police.

The The police The Ministry of National and Home Affairs has announced 7,657 vacancies opened To form, this 2022, part Police rank What? Operational Technician (Soldiers) There are 6,585 posts for this Men And for 1,072 Women.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, Patricio Carrillo, Minister of the Interior, stated that it was “The biggest call for recruitment Which has been done at the national level.

The official said that the ultimate goal is to be included 30,000 new police officers Up to “strengthening citizen security” 2025.

Applicants must have:

  • Study High school.
  • In age 18 A 22 years Of Age
  • They can also apply Technician Is Technician Of Any profession (Journalism, Auditing, Communication Technician & Technician, Nursing, Therapist) And others), which contain 18 and 24 years old.

“National police will be formed Six months And then they must finish training to graduate as a Citizen Security Technologist. Emphasis will be placed on its inclusion in areas with the greatest conflict, ”the interior ministry said.

When does registration begin?

They will start At 00:00 Of June 5th And Will close A. 23:59 June 15, 2022 Registration To be done accordingly The last number of the identity card Of the applicant

For example, the numbers 1 and 2 on Sunday 5 June and Monday 6 June; Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8: 3 and 4; Thursday 9 and Friday 10: 5 and 6; Saturday 11 and Sunday 12: 7 and 8; Monday 13 and Tuesday 14: 9 and 0. Finally, on Wednesday, June 15, all ID numbers can be registered.

There may be interested parties Register on the official website: http://reclutamiento.policia.gob.ec After accessing that website, you need to create an account and register the requested data on that platform.


To enroll in this process, applicants must meet 14 Requirements. Details here:

  1. Being Ecuadorian By birth or normalization.

Two Must be at least 18 years old and at most 22 years old, 11 months, 30 days from date of registration.

3. Height For the minimum 168 cm for males and 157 cm for femalesThree, barefoot.

4. Title entitled Bachelor

5. Dismissed, dismissed, separated or dismissed from the Armed Forces, National Police Or any of the above entities regulated by the biological code of civil security and public order entities.

6. Not punished Being convicted of a crime.

7. They do not record pending criminal legal proceedings.

8. Did not receive a enforceable penalty for a crime or misdemeanor in the case of domestic or sexual violence.

9. There is a worthy note in the Higher Education Access Exam Or equivalent to a higher education institution admission test, valid at the time of application, with a score of 800 for aspiring managerial police officers and 750 for operational technicians.

10. Not to spend time performing duties and responsibilities as an Ecuadorian enshrined in the Ecuadorian constitution.

Eleven Do not owe two or more alimony.

12. Approve each stage of the process RecruitmentSelection and entry.

13. Civil protection and public order entities shall not be immersed in any disability considered in Article 34 of the Biological Code.

14. Do not join any political party.


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