A police graduation ceremony was held at Tambilo, a police training school. Photo: Courtesy – Police.

The National Police Opened Announcement To include 7,657 new police officers across the country. There are 6,508 open for men and 1,149 open for women. This fact was announced this Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

This recruitment process targets men and women 18 to 22 year old high school graduate Older technicians or technicians of any profession, between the ages of 18 and 24, can also apply.

Applicants will be able to graduate Operational Technician And join the police force. They will be nominated for the Defensive, Investigative and Intelligence Axis, ”police said. In addition, the organization has assured that the purpose “Strengthen civic security on a national scale.”

“Apply! The recruitment, selection and login process for the aspiring server National Police From Ecuador to managerial and operational technical levels, ”they wrote through their social network.

There may be interested parties Register on the official website: http://reclutamiento.policia.gob.ec

After accessing that web page, you need to create an account and register the requested data on that platform.

According to police sources, the application It will begin at midnight on June 5 and close at 11:59 pm on June 15, 2022 The applicant has to register according to the last number of the identity card.

Recently new police members have joined

“We deliver 69 police officers in civil security. The aim was to re-launch 20 community police units, In several provinces, including Los Rios, Manabi, Sucumbios, Santo Domingo de los Sachilas and Santa Elena, “said Police Commander General Fausto Salinas.

Specifically, the graduation of those 779 police officers was completed the previous week (May 26 and 27, 2022), in Quito and Guayaquil.

In addition, Salinas added: “We have started plans to strengthen our human talents, with An estimated 30,000 police And in parallel the renewal of the fleet, the provision of weapons, ammunition and technical equipment for the police service. ”

Ecuador provides details of the recruitment process for Navy Specialist Officers and Crew. Https://bit.ly/3tqF4ra

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