Referential image. Prisoners would kill five people while they were on the run. Photo: Pixabay

Police in Leon County, Texas, USA, made the announcement on Thursday, June 2 Recently escaped prisonerHe was involved in the killing of five people during his escape.

The official Facebook page of the Lyon police confirmed that the detainee, identified as Gonzalo Artemio Lopez, had been “captured and killed”.

The Department Of Criminal justice Of Texas Lopez has been confirmed dead by agents in Texas City. JordantonA gunfight in which no police officer was injured.

Earlier, authorities announced the discovery Five bodiesAn adult and four children in a house in the area where the fugitive was found Centerville.

According to The policeThe suspect used the car that was at home to continue his escape.

Lopez, who was offered a 50,000 reward for his capture, escaped when he was transferred to a medical center on a prison bus on the 12th.

The person in charge Criminal Justice Department Of Texas Jason Clark has assured the media that the house is the second home of a family in the city Houston And it has been checked several times.

According to Clark, authorities have evidence that Lopez broke into the home and killed five people, although he did not provide details.

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