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Police have arrested nine accused members of the R7 gang

Police in Santo Domingo de los Sachilas have released nine detainees in a crackdown on a group led by aka “Anchundia”, a single out for the recent genocide in the country’s prisons. Photo: Courtesy Police

Anti-Crime Intelligence Unit (UIAD) Police conducted Operation Victoria 32 Santo Domingo de los Sachilas. And allegedly arrested nine peopleBand R7 membersWhose leader has been linked to the recent prison killings.

The Operative It happened on Saturday, May 14, 2022, on the outskirts of the city. The The police Seized in Firearms ExpeditionAmmunition, feeders, vehicles and cell phones.

In Mobile terminal Seize for ResearchMessages received from agents Murder A report in the Telemazonas Network said the detainees planned to carry out the execution over the weekend.

Police produced eight men and a woman among the detainees. The Captive According to police, Conte was involved in the killings and faced charges for them Offenses of possession and illegal possession of weapons Of fire

Following the Delicato hearing at Flagrant, they were placed on preventive detention. In the evidence and indication of the crime, d IUD Presented two vehicles, four firearms (two pistols and two revolvers), as well as feeders and Ammunition.

Leader of the R7 gang

Freddie Anchundia The criminal organization R7 leads. It’s about one of those who is referred to as a hypothetical mentalizer Genocide in Turi prison, In Cuenca. And whose presence in prison Santo Domingo, Has been identified as a trigger for where he was transferred The May 9 genocide was recorded In that prison.

Six bloody registrations in the country Prison genocide From February 23, 2021 Turi Rebellion, In Cuenca, April 3, 20 people died. The massacre at the Santo Domingo prison killed 44 inmates.

Nickname “Anchundia” He was transferred from prison again and is now a prisoner in the highest security prison “Stone”It is Prison complex north of Guayaquil.

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