The National Police Ecuador pronounced this Monday, April 18, 2022 Video Which is where it is promoted on Facebook and Twitter Alleged involvement Members of the organization in its network Illegal recruitment From Money.

In a statement, the agency indicated that, based on information obtained by the investigating units, “There are no police servers that operate illegal money laundering networks

Regarding the videos circulating on social networks, police said they have arranged for the National Directorate of Internal Affairs to launch an internal administrative investigation to determine possible responsibilities and clarify the facts.

The organization reiterated in a statement that activities that violate the institutional image would not be tolerated and that “it will act in accordance with the law before potential elements involved in this illegal activity.”

The police further maintained that it works with complete transparency and cooperates with the general justice in all investigative processes so that none of these cases go unpunished.

About 300 police officers have deposited money in Big Money

Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo confirmed the matter to the media Two policemen In a video, it is seen that the people who are taking money from the new illegal fundraisers are “Grupo Renacer”. Investigation For General Inspectorate of National Police and Internal Affairs.

“These are the original videos, the police officers seen in them have already been identified and they are working in Quito,” Carrillo said. The fundraiser came to light after the death of Miguel Nazareno aka ‘Don Naja’, the alleged leader of an illegal money laundering platform known as Big Money.

The minister added that about 300 people participated in the ‘Don Naja’ pyramid. Police serverUSD 15,000 to 20,000 inclusive.

He also gave these assurances Complaints They have already been promoted to the state attorney general’s office so that it can conduct relevant investigations.

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