After the People’s Assembly, Avenida collided with police and protesters in 12D octubrey and star. Photo: Diego Palero / EL Commercio

The The police This Saturday, June 25, 2022, a new national event was held Balance Of its days Demonstration. The Consolidation Ecuador’s Indigenous Nationalities Confederation (No), Against the government William Lasso.

The security entity indicated that from 13 June to 12:00 this Saturday, June 25, 2022, they registered 3,823 changes From The order of the people. Among them Off Path, Destruction Of Vehicles And police units, as well Loss A Public goods And private in Ecuador.

Also, The police have 138 people have been arrested During nationwide protests. Chief Crime For which they have been charged: Paralysis Of a Public service, attacks and resistance, terrorism, damage to other people’s property, among others.

Throughout these days, 177 police officers were injured. Home Minister, Patrick CarrilloSaid that was attacked with 12 soldiers Shots And that is why they were transferred to the hospital day after day Protest June 23, 2022’s. 28 Gender They were Hold on By Protesters After a while All were released.

About material damage, Six community police units (CPU) And a Police District Is that so Destruction And Burn.

When 66 patrol boats Y Motorcycles They have Suffered losses. Instead, 18 vehicles were destroyed Absolutely

Statistics of social and human rights organizations

Alliance Of H-rights organizationPeople assure that there is in Ecuador Five killed During this period Demonstration In addition, it has been registered that it has been maintained 64 Violations From Human rights And that 166 protesters were injured.

“Human rights organizations have witnessed serious human rights violations committed by the Guillermo Lasso government through him. Suppression equipment. The Indiscriminate use Y Deadly Of Power It’s been a Constant During this period Unemployment ” The alliance said in a statement.

For its part, the Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon (Confenia) Argues that they Seven The People There is Dead “In the hands of the police and the military” during the rally.

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