A scientific team has found that food Two or more parts Related to Avocado every week The risk of cardiovascular disease is low. The study was run for 30 years.

This is the main conclusion of an observational study published Journal of the American Heart AssociationWhich indicates substituting avocado for some fatty foods, e.g. Butter, cheese, or processed meatAssociated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The author believes that it is Possible first job Plenty –A follow-up for 30 years– which supports a positive relationship between higher use of avocado and reduction of cardiovascular events.

“There is further evidence in our study that intake of unsaturated fats from vegetable sources can improve food quality and is an important ingredient in preventing cardiovascular disease,” he summarized. Lorena S. Pacheco Lead author of the study.

30 years of research

For 30 years, researchers followed 68,780 women (30 to 55 years old) and approx 41,700 males (40 to 75 years). Everyone was The study began with cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke And lived in the United States.

Researchers Registered Over 30 years of follow-up, 9,185 cases of coronary heart disease and 5,290 strokes.

Evaluation Diet of participants using questionnaires at the beginning of the study and every four years. They were asked about the amount of avocado they ate and the frequency of eating: one serving was equivalent to half an avocado or half a cup of avocado.

Statistics obtained

Based on observations, participants who ate Eating avocado at least twice a week has a 16% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 21% lower risk of coronary heart disease.Compared to those who have never or rarely eaten avocado.

According to the statistics model, Replacement For the same amount of avocado, half a daily serving of bacon, such as margarine, butter, eggs, yogurt, cheese or processed meats, was associated with a 16% to 22% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Serve half of the avocado daily with an equal amount of olive oilAlmond and other vegetable oils do not show any additional benefits.

No significant resources were found for the risk of stroke and the amount of avocado eaten.

“Avocados have some spreads and foods that contain saturated fats, such as cheese and processed meats, substitutes that doctors and other health professionals can do when visiting patients, especially since avocados are a popular food. Well-received,” said Pacheco. .

Objections must be kept in mind

The study is observational, so direct causes and effects cannot be demonstrated.

There are other limitations, such as the combination of data collection and study population: research analyzes may be affected by measurement errors, since dietary intake was self-reported.

Participants were primarily white nurses and health professionals, so these results may not be applicable to other groups.


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