An old movie by 24 de Mayo Boulevard had the intervention of Spanish artist Ocuda San Miguel. Photo: Patricio Terran / El Commerceo

Here MemesTeasing, sarcastic criticism and a Movement The number of visitors is more than those who are going to see Mural Of Spanish artist Ocuda San Miguel, In front of an old movie on Avenida 24 de Mayo. At the gate of Quito BicentennialOne bus Debate Which, at the moment, is dominated by art.

It is not the whole work being discussed, nor its context, color, shape or stroke. The environment and the place where it is located, a traditional house is close to destruction and there is no dispute about what is there now. Reform The front, enough.

Here is what happened in the gallery Pikachu As a hat embroiderers De Calderon, San Miguel Mural motif that has brought so much Debate.

Even if the position is found, it is at least a disgrace for those who say so Bicentennial Of Freedom.

“A narrative is being imposed that is not consistent with the date,” said Bairdo Perez, one of those who stopped in front of the mural. Similarly, Juan Jose Villamarin, another pedestrian, said: Art must be in harmony with its surroundings.
Others, in a nationalist tone, demanded why a Spaniard was hired and not an Ecuadorian to draw the front of a traditional building that was in fact on the verge of destruction.

Photo: Patricio Terán / El Comercio

Explanation of municipality

Per Town Hall From Santiago Garderas It’s raining Critic. And there are doubts about how the decision to select this job was made in the end.

Tried to talk to this magazine Angelica Arias, Director of the Metropolitan Heritage Institute (IMP); But he could not join us due to agenda issues. However, the IMP sent a statement to clarify that, although it is within the framework Celebrating the bicentennialIt has more to do with the project called ‘Caminart, Route to Freedom ‘.

The purpose of CaminArte is to intervene in urban areas with appropriate municipal locations. As published by the municipality, “It was born with a line of urban environment improvement throughout the 24 de Mayo, but for the entire climb to the Sima de la Libertado, so symbolic, now for two hundred years.”

Voice in favor

Fernanda Gonzalez, a native of Guayaquil, cites art as the reason for his admiration, which is why he supports the perception of this kind of work in the historical center. “It deserves this kind of artistic expression. I think we should look at all this work as a reference for publicity Places of interest“, Held.


Okuda San Miguel It is actually called Oscar San Miguel Eris. The work of the artist, who is now 41 years old and who has become one from the writing on the wall Referee Of Modern street artThose who saw his new mural on the Avenida 24 de Maio Boulevard did not leave indifferent.

He developed a style that included a constant dialogue Path art Y. Academic concepts. His work, which was initially displayed in factories and abandoned buildings, began to gain recognition.

His most recognizable work focuses on large format works, images of geometric consistency mixed with organic forms that typically acquire volumes with intense color palettes.

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