Its a celebration Ecuadorian players Emotional, full of spontaneity in the celebrations held after the game ArgentinaOn the night of March 29, 2022 in Guayaquil.

Thus, in front of thousands of fans at the Teranga Monumental Stadium, Qatar celebrated the qualification for the 2022 World Cup.

The most interesting was Piero Hinkapier. The defender picked up a microphone and cheered with fans gathered for the final game of the South American qualifiers.

Several Ecuadorian national team players walk around the stadium to celebrate their World Cup qualifiers. Emphasis He spoke to fans and said into the microphone: “Battery, we’re already at the World Cup.”

Then he shouted, “Alfaro, Alfaro, Alfaro!” When his teammates picked up the Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro.

At the end, the players celebrated the pass of the national team in the World Cup by dancing while throwing water towards each other in the middle of the field.

Angel Mena, in the middle of an interview, wore a turban, referring to the venue of the World Cup, when Gonzalo Silver And Emphasis They did not want to give an interview if they wanted to join the celebration in the middle of the turban.

Plata, Michael Estrada, Ener Valencia were the other athletes who took the floor and with the microphone in hand they gave their reins of joy on the grounds of the monumental stadium.

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