The Selected From Ecuador, Piero Hinkapi This qualified on May 7, 2022 UEFA Champions League Next season. The Defending Went to the European Cup with his team Buyer Leverkusen.

Pictures of Tricolor Must win compulsorily Hoffenheim Qualifying and not relying on external results. Although the club seemed German I’m not even going to get it TieHe was able to turn the corner of the match.

Emphasis He started as usual and occupied the left wing in defense. The defender could only play the first one 45 minutesBecause it was in the second half Replaced For his partner Mitchell Baker.

In that minute the football player appeared Valley is independent Was on the field, his Team Couldn’t move forward. The first The goal Was planted 22 minutes.

The Leverkusen Has achieved Tie In 34 minutes but, after 120 seconds, they fell behind again. The Ecuadorian Abandoned The court With results 2-1.

From the moment 73 The beginning Come back. Musa Diabi scored the goal Tie. For him 3-2 Structure Patrick Shink, Who also converted the first goal.

The last entry has been replaced by the author Lucas Alario. Argentina’s entry was decisive to find the final 4-2 and return to the debate UEFA Champions League.

Hinkapi celebration

After the match, Emphasis Celebrate with his teammates and all the supporters Buyer Leverkusen. Embracing the whole campus, they started singing with the fans.

The club played in the 2021-2022 season UEFA Europa League But, it is eliminated by Atlanta 16 rounds with a total score of 4-2. His classification of champions was directly obtained, as he was in third place 61 points.

Time Bundesliga, The club had 18 wins, 7 draws and 8 defeats. With the victory, he became unattainable for his immediate followers, from whom he took Six points The difference.

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