Piero Hinkapi’s goal against Venezuela on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Photo: EFE

Defender of Ecuador Piero Hinkapi Confirmed that the Ecuador team must make up their minds that they will play the next Copa del Rey. Qatar World 2022 To win and not just be a competitor.

“Ecuador must learn that it is going to be the champion of the World Cup here and it is not just going to compete as another, we have to look at it this way, if we want to go to the World Cup this is the mentality. To put At the top is the name of Ecuador“Hincapie Efe says.

Ecuador’s coach Gustavo Alfaro was regularly called by the central defender, who got the pass. Qatar in 2022 Conmable Qualifiers. Hincapié started in 11 games where he was called up.

According to the man born in Esmeraldas, the way to have that mentality is to look at the two giants in the area; Led by Brazil and Argentina South America for the World Cup.

“We have to try to improve ourselves, we have to claim ourselves Brazil and Argentina That they have always won the toughest tie in the world; We have to take advantage of this as we prepare to deal with the competition that they have set before us, “he explained.

Emphasis, ex Independent of the valleys of his country and the Talleres de Cordoba From Argentina, he played his first season outside the Americas with Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen, with whom he got his pass in the Champions League for the following year.

An experience that despite having Only 20 years oldSays he led the teammates.

“I wanted to share what I learned in Bear. This is something that all of us have reached The national team and we play away; That enriches us and strengthens our minds to understand what we are capable of ”.

The central defender emphasized that the main lesson he had learned from Leverkusen was not to lose the title. Bayern Munich He has been the Bundesliga champion for 10 consecutive years.

“Ever since you came they have taught you that we are ambitious for the championship; We know Borussia Dortmund, but Bayern are always there, But our minds just go out of competitionr so as not to retreat; We fight with everything to become champions. ”

Piero Hincapié noted that despite his young age, he was not satisfied with his team qualifying for the Champions League and passing. World Cup in Qatar, His goal is to jump into a big team in Europe; Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“I have to improve on what I did in my first season in Europe, I want to be more, I want to reach a great place. Go play in the Spanish league, at the time of choice Real Madrid, But I will not deny myself if Barcelona are interested in me one day, “he concluded.


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