Its users Social media Posted a picture of its size Hail Which falls in the northern sector QuitoThis Saturday afternoon, May 7, 2022.

Internet users have shared pictures of hail on the sidewalks and on the roofs of houses. According to reports, the ice has reached 3.5 centimeters.

Some have reported that due to the density of the ice shells, the outlets in the sinkhole, sewer and terrace collapsed when the hail was blocked. In the bicentennial, George Irazo and Homro Salas, a synthetic field structure in the road sector collapsed due to the storm. One person was killed and three others were injured in the incident.

Accidents occur when water accumulates during rains

Heavy rain and hail have hit Quito since 3:30 p.m. this Saturday. Due to this other incidents have been recorded in different sectors of the city. These have been reported by the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) and the Integrated Security Service ECU911.

After 5:00 p.m., AMT reported the presence of rain on Simon Bolivar Avenue from the Cuñas importer south. Faced with this, the agency urges citizens to maintain distance between vehicles, as the presence of water currents on the road can cause a range of accidents.

AMT also reported waterlogging in the depressing passage of the northern corridor on La Prenza and Amazonas Avenue. The same was recorded on Mariskal Sucre and Fernandez Salvador Avenue. For this reason, the agency advises citizens to take alternative routes.

A traffic accident caused traffic jams on the north-south side of Velasco Ibara and Pichincha Avenue. As an alternative route, taking Av is recommended. Mariskal Sucre or Simon Bolivar.

Traffic jam due to the incident

Through ECU911 cameras, rainwater was seen accumulating at several points north of Quito. Among them are Avenida 6 de Diciembre and Cucardas. The same thing happened in the vicinity of Marcado La Luz, the bicentennial convention center, and El Labrador.

Damage to the roof of the court.

ECU911 further reports that First Response Units are present in the waterlogged Mariskal Sucre and Carlos V Avenue. Due to the situation, traffic jams were created on both sides

Some netizens also reported incidents caused by rain. On Twitter, for example, a user shared a video showing a piece of concrete on a street. In the publication, he said it was about the collapse of the wall due to heavy rain, Manuel Zambrano and AV on the street. Gallo Plaza.

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