State Petroquador This Monday, March 28, 2022, the accountability and this has been presented Project Forecast, within the current administration.

Manager of PetroCuader, Italo SedenoThat said the purpose is one Increase The Production Hydrocarbons “up to the sky, we have no limits,” he said.

By 2022, the increase will be 100,000 barrels. Thus it will go from about 395,000 to 495,000 Barrel Every day, the manager said.

According to Cedeno Increase It will be gradual every month. Production has already increased by 9,000 barrels since this March February. If this objective is achieved, Cedeño assures that it will allow the elimination Revenue deficit This year.

Production growth will expand in the coming years. For 2023, It is expected to reach 731,177 barrels. It is expected in five years Double The Production Thus, by 2026, it will reach 804,323 barrels.

The official further said, Dr. The soil of Ecuador 45 billion barrels would have to be tapped before it could be used. Cedeño explained that this product would be included Combined gas And other liquids Hydrocarbons.

According to the manager, it is necessary to achieve this goal Private investment And its implementation Technology.

The state wants to improve oil infrastructure

Regarding industrialization, purpose Petroquador ‘Reform’ is done Esmeraldas refinery, Through foreign investment.

It will also work to transform the state-owned company La Libertad refinery And Green Mount At its “International Mega Center” Hydrocarbon storageAsphalt, natural gas and fertilizer production.

In addition, arrangements will be made Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). Cedeño commented that this has the advantage Decrease From Pollution The Environment“This will give a benefit to the Lago Agrio-Coca and Machala-Guakil highways”, where the project will begin.

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