Petro received 40.32% of the vote. Photo: File / EFE

Leftist Colombian candidate, Gustavo PetroHis rival proposal in the June 19 second election round, Democrats Rodolfo HernandezRegardless of who wins, they make a “great national agreement” to govern Colombia.

“I will propose to the opponent Rudolph “If your program tries harder to get closer to us, as we see, we will make a great national agreement,” he said on June 1. PetroWho received 40.32% of the vote, compared to 28.15% for Hernandez last Sunday.

That “great national agreement” would mean “the first task of the government, be it his or mine, is to call for the diversity that will be published on June 19 (…) The path of consensus What is needed is fundamental reform Colombia To live together in peace ”, the candidate described in a law announcing the participation of central politicians in his campaign.

“If I rule and the people give me that majority, I will summon him and all the forces that are there. Grand National Agreement That Colombia really needs to change the country and build social justice and peace, “said the senator and former Bogot মেয় mayor.

The proposal is consistent with the fact that Colombians decided on Sunday that they want a next president who would represent “change.” Traditional offerings The country (and the right) has to choose between a leftist candidate and an ‘outsider’ who has campaigned under the slogan of fighting corruption and removing corrupt politicians from the government.

“To the opposition”

Hernandez, a construction businessman Millionaire de 77 years since he was the mayor of the medium-sized city of Bucaramanga, he is revealing on social networks, the place he is safest, his government has offered to try to get out of his box. Populism And empty offers so that he enters.

As such, he has shown himself to be against ‘fracking’ or aerial spraying of glyphosate, two proposals that are close to the Petro government’s program.

However, on several occasions the ‘engineer’, as his followers know him, has been asked about the possibility of getting an offer. Put in the petro If he becomes president in his cabinet, which he has rejected.

“He who loses goes to the opposition. And Dr. Petro’s opposition is welcome because he is very good as a Member of Parliament and as an investigator, “he said in an interview with Efe last week.

The two will face each other in an election on June 19 that, according to the first election poll after the first round, will have very tough results even though they have put Hernandez ahead for the first time.

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