The Government of Peru Appeals have been raised for “strict measures” such as chemical emissions against juvenile rapists, following a nationwide uproar. Humiliation Against a Little girl The three-year-old, President Pedro Castillo, reported this Saturday, April 16, 2022.

“So much violence is enough, it’s a crime Sexual violence This government will not tolerate against children, nor will it go beyond punishment. The pain of this family is ours too, I feel Angry In the face of such brutality, “Castillo said in a statement Peruvian Presidency.

The president stressed that “this heinous and inhumane act”, produced in the northern city of Chiclayo, “leads to a huge reflection as a country to adopt more stringent state public policy that protects the human rights of the most vulnerable people”. Juvenile

“The Chemical emissions This is an option, we can’t wait any longer, “he said in a statement. Congress.

Castillo said similar measures were already being implemented in seven US states, including Russia, Poland, South Korea, Indonesia and Moldova.

“We call on the Congress of the Republic to support strong action on behalf of the weakest, because we cannot tolerate such acts of violence that undermine our integrity as a society and destroy the lives of the defenseless.”

The Peruvian Presidency specified that chemical castration was composed Take medications that reduce libido and inhibit sexual desire And “a method of prevention of sexual harassment and as a punishment for those who commit crimes of this nature”.

The Abduction Y. Violation A three-year-old girl in Chiklaio, the capital of the Lambayak region, sparked outrage and outrage as thousands took to the streets of Lima and other cities last Thursday to demand justice for the minor.

The little girl was told by her relatives Invisible On April 12 and this Wednesday the national police found him and arrested the accused Guilty of abuseA 48-year-old man accused of raping and abducting a minor.

The National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Thursday that a nine-month restraining order had been issued against the detainee and maintained that “the maximum sentence for the accused would be life imprisonment.”

“Without a doubt, because of the information, evidence and clear action, there is no doubt that what is being found here is a life sentence for this monster that has attacked the integrity of a human being. Human Just as weak and sensitive as this minor, “said Justice Minister Felix Chero.

Minister for Women and Weak Population Diana Miloslavich also took to Twitter to “strongly condemn the crime against a 3-year-old girl who was sexually abused” and claimed that Authority And to the judiciary “the most severe punishment against a rapist.”

This Saturday, Castillo assured authorities that he was “alert” to the girl’s health condition and that arrangements had been made for her to be transferred to Lima with her parents so that she could receive rehabilitation and emotional support in addition to legal advice. And free legal defense.

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