Referential image. Dinapen said they had launched an investigation into the case. Photo: Internet

Video of it Two children are drinking alcohol On a south street Guayaquil Has terrorized the public and the police. The picture, which was aired on a social network, shows two children, about 10 years old They drank beer while eating eggs by an adult.

In the recording, the minors did it with their hands Symptoms of the criminal cycle And they appeared in the photo with a gun.

After knowing the matter, the Department of Specialized Police for boys, girls and teenagers (Day pen) Says An investigation is open In this case and on June 2, 2022, Officers find the minors Age in the sector of Las Malvinas, south of Guayaquil.

“The violations seen in the videos were carried out on the streets, where they were instigated by unscrupulous individuals who joked to involve children in such situations,” the Dinapen official said.

Penalties for providing alcoholic beverages to children

Selling or offering alcoholic beverages or cigarettes to children or adolescents is not a crime in Ecuador, but a fourth-class crime.

Section 396 A of the Comprehensive Criminal Code 15 to 30 days in jail Who commits crimes.

The complaint

Following the broadcast of the children’s video in Guayaquil, concerns were raised about how such incidents could be reported.

If a person sees an adult encouraging a child to use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, the first thing to do is Call ECU-911. The incident must be told The exact address details of the incident.

The purpose is the operators of this emergency center Warn the police So that a patrol car can go to the site and arrest the violating adult.

Also, citizens can go to the nearest Community Police Unit (UPC) in the vicinity and ask for help.

A #video was broadcast on the networks to encourage a person to drink alcohol DinPen has identified minors and their parents. Https://

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Thursday, June 2, 2022

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