In the middle of a powerful tornado in the Georgian city of Elabel, AmericaA man named Cliff Horton, who was at a golf club, decided to take out his cell phone and record the destruction of the golf course. Natural phenomena.

The video shows the tornado taking away the trees Ruins On his eve

It even detaches the construction roof Black Creek Golf Club, Where Horton is, despite the risk of not being intimidated by the recording.

That part was his honest daughter Maya Tragic picture. Through his Twitter account, he wrote: “Isn’t this my honest father standing in the middle of a tornado in Elabel?”

Users responded immediately, many of them impressed by the calmness of the man. “Great honor for him because he was able to record quietly Condition Where he was, “wrote one internet user.

Maya added, though, that Horton had to be seen Twister Very close and could not enter the clubhouse at that time, fortunately he is safe.

“While my honest father and family are fine, there are others who have lost their homes and some have lost their lives. We come from a very small town, and I know that town Pembroke and Elabel They can use any help. Please contact and donate if you can, ”said the young woman.

Violent storms in the southern United States have killed at least two people in the past week, according to British media outlet Unilad: a woman from Pembroke, Georgia, And an elderly man in Texas who died after falling from a tree in his home.

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