The bicentennial parade revolves around the streets of Quito’s historic center. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo

With a cry “Long live Quito, long live the bicentennial.” A civic parade of students and alumni begins on Los Shiris Avenue, north of Quito, to mark the 200th anniversary of the bicentennial of the Pichincha War.

About 4,500 students over the age of 40 Educational Institutions The capital and the provinces of Napo, Chimborajo and Manbi gathered here this Saturday, May 21. Path To participate Parade, Which started at 10:00.

Student bands from the iconic school of Quito participated, such as 24 de Mayo, Maria Angelica Idrovo, Juan Montalvo, among others.

Quito Municipality Culture Secretary Juan Martin Cueva said the event was held to commemorate the event. Battle of PichinchaTwo years after the suspension due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In the historical center

Developed in the center Citizen Parade ‘Pichincha Hiroiko‘, To pay homage to the heroes of the Pichincha war.

The tour starts from the church Basilica And the students walk through Venezuela Street, Plaza Grand, and end on May 24 at Boulevard.

There was an atmosphere full of music and color, both in the historic center and on the streets of Shiris.

No student has been paraded for the Pichincha war since 2019. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo

Citizens took to the sidewalks to watch the incident closely. Parents They are proud to see their children marching in the streets of the capital.

Maria Duke arrived at the North Tribune at 08:00 am to pick the best place and record her daughter’s name. Stick From Juan Montalvo School.

Security was provided by the National Police, the Municipal Traffic Directorate, the Red Cross and the National Risk Management Service.

Let’s dance for the battle of Pichinchara! দেখুন Check out this weekend’s events for the bicentennial »

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