Ecuador’s Paulina Aguirre has voiced a global problem with her new album, La Tierra Laura. Photo: Courtesy of Paulina Aguirre

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Pauline Aguirre Her title album gave voice to a global problem ‘The earth weeps.’ This recent production of the Ecuadorian artist is found in the main Digital platform Of music.

A cry that feels itself

The world is crying out for inequality Which exists among people because of a lack of empathy, “Aguirre confirmed.

These cries are heard and felt through a series of catastrophes Tsunami, earthquake, drought or epidemicWhich is nothing more than the misuse of natural resources and the consequences of unbridled human ambition, says the artist.

So, the intent of the musical project is to make a call Self-reflectionAbout each person’s relationship with nature.

A news that brought tears

The Amazon of Ecuador It has a long history Oil overflow. In 2017, while he was living in the United States, he read the news of a new outbreak in Napo, it was the ‘straw’ that filled Aguirre’s impotence about the impact of human activity on nature.

Anger gave way to creativity in the words of the song The world criesA song that “Smoke of Unbroken Hate” and a “Deadly virus that wants to kill

Written in 2017, the verse emerged as a Foreknowledge Three years later that epidemic hit the world.

Hope comes after crying

One of the cries of the world Six songs That’s part of the album that bears the same name.

Aguirre’s fifth album was produced and released simultaneously by Latin Grammy-winning producer Pablo Aguirre. Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador.

There are also songs like production Hummingbird (June June) Which deals with the theme of motherhood. The song was composed by Esmeraldeño singer-songwriter and marimbero Benjamin Vanegas.

This new project allows Aguirre to explore and explore the melody KichwaWho did not speak it fluently, but included it in the interpretation of the two songs.

Yari yari It was a joint venture with Mauricio Vicencio of the Altiplano Group Andian mantra Healing Little rabbit He wrote it as one of Chimborazo’s artist Yurak Pacha Lulabi.

The Andean folklore Mixed with its harmonious ingredients Pop and electronics Musical line that links the themes of the album

A song has turned into action

Aguirre believes that art is a powerful agent of social change and believes that this ‘cry for the world’ should be one Action call.

The Latin Grammy winner He is also an ambassador for the organization Esperando tu voz (2009) The vision of the world For Latin America and the Caribbean. From that platform, work Social project With a weak population. The most recent project focuses on the construction of a water well in the Chinchila community of Bolivar.

It is hoping to finalize a project for an opening Singer-songwriter competition Among women deprived of freedom. The purpose is to create songs against violence.

For now, Aguirre’s new song is available Musical instrument platformWhen plans for a concert in Ecuador for this year are over.

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