It looked as if Badosa could withdraw at any moment, but the Spaniard proudly and admirably overcame all obstacles to beat Fruhvirtv 6-2 6-3 in one hour and 22 minutes.

Badosa returns a ball against Fruhvirtov
Badosa Fruhvirtov returns a ball.Megan BriggsAFP

Paula Badosa defeated the Czechs to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Miami Masters 1,000 this Monday. Linda Fruhbharatov In a very complicated match for the Spaniards he suffered from physical problems from start to finish.

It’s as if he’s in trouble A kind of discomfort, Badosa has dizziness on the track, difficulty breathing at the point, poor complexion, signs of fatigue, and difficulty moving.

These bad feelings were felt from the very beginning of the match since the Spaniards received them Help After the third game of the match and before the medical services of the tournament continued his game, his blood pressure went down.

It seemed that Badosa could withdraw at any time, however The Spanish woman was proud And admirably overcame all obstacles to beat Fruhvirtov 6-2 6-3 in one hour 22 minutes.

Badosa, the sixth in the world and one of the best racquets on the planet, will face the Americans in the quarter finals. Jessica Pegula, It is 21st in the WTA rankings and has surpassed 16 rounds due to the abandonment of the Ukrainians. Anhelina Kalinina.

In addition to her physical problems, Badosa had a fraudulent match against Fruhvirtov, a 16-year-old girl who had already appeared as one. The great promise of tennis.

The check shows his card as Badosa had to save four break balls in his first survey.

However, the Spaniard fights back and breaks his opponent’s serve (2-1).

After receiving medical help and showing clear signs that he is not feeling well, Badosa draws energy from his reserve to maintain his performance and achieve another “break” that puts him on the plate in the first set (4-1).

After finishing the first set (6-2), Badosa admits a “break” as soon as the second set starts (0-2).

However, Badosa is again an exhibition Great fighting spirit and patience And soon after the set was equalized, Fruhvirtav’s serve was broken (2-2).

Depending on the strength of his forehand and the strength of his game from the baseline, Badosa took a new “break” and shook his fist as if in the end he believed that, despite all the difficulties, he could really win.

After a long point he settled with a great crosscourt backhand shortly after coming down, but Badosa also screamed for 4-2 after a game. Their power is very limited Don’t let him show his natural gestures of anger.

Fruhvirtov tried to find the angle and run Badosa with numerous dropshots, but The Spanish resisted in an amazing way, Joy raised her left hand to celebrate and placed her name in the top eight in Miami.

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