The regime has decided to take the picture again Ministry of Home Affairs. Patrick Carrillo He is in charge of the state portfolio and mentions some key elements of its management.

One year has passed since he resigned as police commander. Before leaving the post, he said, “Intelligence laws are needed to increase the security of prisons and the country.” As Home Minister, will you promote it?

An intelligence law is essential for fluency in data analysis. To avoid catching organized crime in the police, armed forces, it is necessary to review the provisions of the penal code and the rules of discipline. And the Prosecutor’s Office.

Will they raise the popular advice that executives are preparing? Do you think about prison security?

Yes, of course. The public will be consulted on security issues. There is only one axis that will be able to consult with the citizen on a number of issues in the field of security, including the measures taken today with a regulation but to strengthen it to transfer and relocate (leaders).

What will they get from this?

A process of progress and return is needed so that the head of the criminal organization, who acts irrationally in prison, is not only re-classified elsewhere, his punishment can also be increased. There are some things that citizens should talk about and it is important to be able to stop them.

Don’t you have today

The legal system is now somewhat inadequate, to address this possibility, but we are also cutting some things off with politics. Public security policy helps in many ways to legislate or overcome regulatory deficiencies and vulnerabilities.

How to investigate inside the prison now?

Investigation is underway after the incident. The important thing is that we guess these and for that we have to process the information and it turns into intelligence. This allows us to know the dynamics of preventing further violence. Prison intelligence needs to be strengthened and technology needs to be transferred.

Is it because of this weakness that the police do not find the stockpile of weapons or the channels they use to access them?

There are many problems that need to be fixed. Prison problems have structural flaws. Overcoming all these conflicts is not easy. It has to be done and a major problem is corruption. We must increase the moral performance of those who work in the prison system.

The executive-appointed Pacific Commission has condemned the existence of police officers who are “the right hand of leaders” and who protect them. Have they been identified?

A lot is said, but there is no necessary evidence. I invite the Commission, if it finds the necessary evidence to make this claim, to present it. I would like to present a public complaint to the prosecutor’s office with this information. Our purpose is to work with transparency and we are going to do that.

But police officers are not investigated for corruption in prisons?

Yes, the police are clean. The police have a transparency plan and it will continue. The more regulated institutions like the police are, the more guarantees will be made for the freedom and rights of the citizens.

How many cops are there?

I don’t have accurate statistics.

Last October, the assembly said there were no scanners, sensors, inhibitors and cameras in the prison. Do we still have those problems?

We are following the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. President Lasso has expressed his desire in this regard and is willing to make the necessary investments. It is up to me to create projects to reach the required budget and to change the reality we are experiencing in the system.

Why was it recently decided to transfer the ringleaders to La Roca prison?

I can’t answer for other people’s actions. However, the decision was made today because it had the capability, perhaps these facilities were not ready before.

And today they are 100%?

Not 100%, but they provide the conditions to start with this transfer and when more people start creating events or when we arrest the most dangerous people, they will continue to occupy existing places. This month 100 cells will be enabled at 100%.

Is there a warning that violent activities will take place due to the transfer of leaders?

Revenge is always taken from the powerful, but we will be ready for anything beyond what they can do. The state is determined to stop this irrationality and this genocide.

What kind of technology is there in this prison so that the leaders do not communicate with their allies?

There are limited arrangements with which they have to stay inside. Each cell contains a person and a system that allows physical contact to avoid corruption. Also the difference between schedule and individual moments in the patio.

Violence has spread to prisons. Guayaquil and Duran have become bases for the Mafia. How will they regain control?

A city on the Pacific coast and border that is beheaded by a growing trend of violence and extreme irrationality. The long-term vision is to change the logic in the education system. Those who are losing their lives and are in prison are the young people who did not get the chance.


Patricio Carillo was appointed the new Minister of the Interior on March 30, 2022. He was the General Commander of the Police from 2020 to 2021.

He earned his doctorate in administration from UTPL. He holds a master’s degree in public policy design from the University of Chile and the Federal Academy of Sciences in Brazil. In 2016, he was in charge of security at Pedernales.

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