Referential image. The director of ECU 911 reported that the facilities of the organization in Pastaza have been occupied by armed individuals. Photo: Social Network.

Its advantage Pastaza ECU 911 They are occupied by armed groups that identify themselves as members of indigenous communities and nationalities. This has been true Sure Today is Monday morning, June 27, 2022, Juan Zapata, National Director of ECU 911.

The official told the newspaper they could not do that Recovery The Control That advantage has already been taken 48 hours.

The Pastazar Governorate Gave more details. They have information that Friday, June 24 After 10:00 a Pete Guess 300 people ECU 911 broke down and took control.

This Monday, June 27, more 40 people With a very sharp spear, two meters of small sleeves were not allowed to enter Workers Of ECU911. Some employees are under constant surveillance of intruders.

Police have no information about these incidents. General Fasto Olivo hinted at this. The officer, in an interview with EL COMERCIO on the morning of June 27, said he did not have Report this shot. However, he said the city Is calm And the police have already started The patrol started again In parks and neighborhoods.

In addition, he pointed out that they have information Three roads closedBut there is already dialogue with nationalist leaders.

For your part Citizens Y Leaders Neighbors condemn that they extorted And there are no police in the city of Puyo.

Gendermas has been missing since Tuesday, June 21, when a mob attacked and burned its facilities. Police station From the city center.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Sunday, June 26, 2022

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