Panama Will strengthen The Health monitoring And will check Consent Of Risk management From Biosecurity Against Kovid-19, before a Fifth Waves Infection Which has been characterized by a sharp increase in recent days In the positive caseAuthorities said Friday, May 6, 2022.

The Minister From HealthLuis Francisco Sucre, confirmed that the country Central American Encountering a fifth wave Infection Kovid-19, but it is said that the number of new cases is not yet To illustrate “A Threats For Sanitary capacity Has been installed “.

Even then its owner Dr. Ministry From Health (Minsa) indicates that “The Surveillance And compliance with security measures Biosecurity And all decrees in force for control Extreme The health sector which registers the highest number of active cases.

A report from Minsa Notably, the provinces of Los Santos, Herrera and Cochlea have the highest rates of active litigation, as well as the interior of the country as well as the capital.

According to this report, Dr. for the week Epidemiological 17,4,934 cases were reported, up from 2,892 in the previous week and 1,836 in 15 weeks.

Related to Rt (Effective Fertility Index), it stood at 1.41 for the 17th week, with a significant increase from 1.03 in the 16th week. National level.

The Positivity Increased from 7.2% at 16 weeks to 10.6% at 16 weeks; At 15 weeks it was 5.5%, according to Minsa. Rate Positivity Today it has risen to 20.5% and this Thursday it was 18.4%.

Sucre reiterated his call on the people to uphold the law BiosecuritySuch as proper use Mask Closed places and shopping malls, wash hands and Physical distance.

March 26, after the index improved, using Panama Mask In Open space Or outside, to suppress a measure Extreme Of CovidStop being compulsory, as long as Physical distance At least one meter between people.

This RelaxationWhich occurred after a strong fourth wave Extreme Operated between last December and mid-January omicron variantAccording to authorities, there were reasons Strategy From VaccineTraceability, Biosecurity And those who adhere to the proposed measures.

Panama, 8,093,271 doses Vaccine Against Covid-19.

Panama added 1,919 new ones this Friday Case Of Covid-19 and 2 people died IllnessFor a total of 784,184 confirmed infections and 8,191 deaths in more than two years Extreme.

There are hospitalizations for 16 patients Coronavirus Inside Unit From Nibir’s observation (ICU) and 120 in the general ward, while 10,603 are isolated in homes and 27 in hotels, for a total of 10,766 active cases.

On this day, 9,362 tests were applied to detect cases of covid, with a positive rate of 20.5%. Panama has 5,898,915 The test has been applied.

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