The number of flu cases in America is increasing. Photo: Fripik

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Has been warned about the increase In case of flu What are you watching American continent. This was reported by the media on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Join this flu a New wave of covid infection And in this case Monkey pox Y. Hepatitis in childrenWhich worries the authorities.

“Since its inception SARS-CoV-2 virus, Flu has been exceptionally mild in this region But this situation has started to change in 2022 The flu virus Preach again And not just during the traditional flu season, “said Carissa Etienne, the agency’s director at a news conference.

Influenza is on the rise in America

The doctor explained that like the country Mexico Y. Peru More infections are registering than expected, and that’s it Argentina, Pepper Y. Uruguay They hospitalized more people with the flu than usual.

Nevertheless, Andrea Vicari, head of the PAHO Infectious Threat Management Unit, made it clear that the figures were by no means “historic” and there was no reason to fear.

The agency’s experts agree on the importance of seasonal flu vaccination as the best way to tackle the disease, especially now that the region is facing a new wave of covid-19 infections.

In the United States, the number of infections rose by one million last week – -10% more than the previous week – and there were about 4,200 deaths – 14% more.

Strengthen surveillance

“We have the ability to treat these viruses (Covid and Flu),” Etienne said, adding that it was important for authorities to strengthen surveillance and devote adequate resources to preventing the situation from escalating. And older people.

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