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Its bench Five-legged He assured her that he would give up Prosecution General of the State Research From his five Members Who were accused of asking Charge And Money By the President William Lasso.

The announcement was made in the Assembly on Monday, March 28, 2022. There they present Boss Of Eglas, Rafael LuceroAnd Assembly members directed by Lasso: Rosa Serda, Gisela Molina, Christian Eukaila, Edgar Cuazada and Celestino Chumpi.

The legislators summoned the head of state to prove them Complaint The prosecutor’s office denied the allegations in a statement. Instead, they declined to name proposed proposals from the government for a vote on the investment law project.

“We are not able to name at this time because it is already under preliminary investigation. Yesterday we were notified by the prosecutor’s office. Once informed, we cannot give names, we cannot give addresses, we cannot interfere with the work of the prosecutor’s office, “said Quizada.

Assumed discussion on the proposal

At that time some journalists were interrogated Statement Where he condemned Offerings The GovernmentQuezada was one Attack From Cough And his companions helped him with a glass of water. “Under investigation, we cannot measure progress because we will commit a crime,” the legislator continued.

Such an assurance was given by the head of the block Dialogue Which happened with the block Officer And Not with officials Executive. “If I had known, I would have announced. Something we don’t know is something that the members of the House of Representatives have done and nothing else, “he said.

PK assures that it will support the nominated legislators

Lucero assured that the bench has solidarity with his colleagues. “There is no corruption, except for the corrupt. The origin of the law must be said at the moment. Why didn’t Guillermo Lasso complain when the meeting was held before the election day? Why didn’t you just wait for the vote to pass and see that you didn’t get the vote you expected?

Chumpy described the president’s allegations as “baseless.” bristle pink He assures her that he is not afraid Research “I have no position in Napo,” the legislator’s office insisted. Eucalyptus That said They will protect His Respect. For her part, Molina said she was shocked by the allegations when she voted in favor of the investment law.

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