Its bench Pachakutik tribal movement (PK) insists that there is an agreement in this Government and Correismo. The Former Vice President George Glass released Proof will be, but in the end the former president will return Rafael Correa.

The Assembly PK exposes them Rejection This Tuesday, the morning of April 12, 2022 for the release of Glass. Holding the printed sheets with the phrase “Down with the Pact”, they supported the bench leader’s statement, Rafael Lucero, And MLA Salvador Quispe. At the press conference National Assembly It was also supported by the movement’s coordinator Marlon Santi.

Quishop summed up that the supposed deal “started withElectoral fraud2021’s, the same Agreement Its force continues with application Tax laws and glass are disclosed.

“But this agreement has moved to take over the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCs). What they are looking for is a regulator’s office, the UNES Agreement, the Christian Social Party and now the government,” Adivasi said. MLA

The purpose of the alleged contract

Salvador Quishop believes that The purpose is to control the judiciary “The release of Alexis Mera (former legal secretary to the presidency) and the return of a fugitive from Belgium (Rafael Correa) are all on the agenda.”

Judgment That habeas corpus question A Monglaralto judge has granted that the National Extensive Care Services Authority for Deprived and Juvenile Offenders (SNAI) Did not deny the speed of processing of rules and appeals during the hearing. For this reason they assume that there is an agreement.

In this regard, Lucero a Call President Guillermo Lasso. “When he was a candidate, he said he would fight corruption, whatever it was. We urge the President to speak to the people of Ecuador, “he said.

He mentioned that The deal begins When “they dropped candidate Yaku Perez because they knew it was impossible to abandon what was happening in his political project with impunity.”

Multiparty Commission

Lucero questioned that Members of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) Eligible only, Monday, April 11, 2022, Complaint against the President Lorry in Guadalupe And not against the other two Seven members of CAL.

You do not agree with the rating method of the complaint. He further warned that Multiparty Commission, Those who have to resolve the allegations against Llori, of course Integrate with one representative of each legislative caucus.

“Unless we have a proper process, we are not going to move the name forward,” said Assemblyman Lucero.

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