Formation of inquiry committee Lorry in Guadalupe (PK) Assemblies have been configured with a new Apple. In contrast to its bench, the ruling party questioned the legitimacy of the procedure.

Responses come with a strong vote (4 for 1, 1 for absenteeism and 2 for absenteeism). Board of Directors of the Legislature (CAL) qualified to sue Lori, whom Torres (PSC) accused of breach of duty.

The Five blocks It came out at a press conference on Tuesday the 12th. It was not to support the president, but to accuse the government of making an arrangement Agreement with correismo In exchange for the release of George Glass, UNES refrained from supporting tax reform filings.

They came up with the slogan “Down with the Pact” Marlon SantiCoordinator of the Pachakutik, and head of the Caucasus, Rafael Lucero, With several members of the tribal movement. Was equal Darwin PereiraWho was expelled two weeks ago for being a rebel.

“What are we going to agree on in this assembly if there is no law to deal with? What will we agree on if there is a breach of legitimacy here every five minutes, as happened yesterday in the CAL or plenary session?” Then he answered, John Ferdinand FlowerOfficial Coordinator.

He was there too Natalie Arias (I think) who, apart from Lori, did not take part in the council’s resolution and undermined the legitimacy of what was done. “We are not going to legitimize anything that is not legal. And here we are not defending Laurie, here we are defending the institutional structure, “Flores said.

The head of the Pachakutik block, however, told this newspaper that Complaint against Lori “legally eligible” And now similar to that the file goes to the plenary to form a multi-party commission

Rafael Lucero noted that it was still too early to draw New composition That will be CAL. If Laurie is fired, it will meet with the first vice president, Virgil Sakisela (Ind.), Take position and another member must be selected for CAL.

“Once the commission is formed, there will be 45 days to prepare and present the report Will make a full decision Punishment may or may not apply. This is a problem that is still being processed, “he said.

Five-legged And Democratic left (ID) noted that the commission should consist of representatives of five legally constituted benches, which would leave this option to legislators who are separated due to lack of discipline by these blocks.

Stephen Torres, The head of the Social Christian Party (PSC) bloc, has met with Charismo Assembly members and Pachakutik dissidents. “I do not necessarily say that it (the commission) should be made up of five benches. I think that several parties should be represented, but as long as this commission is to maintain the status quo.”

The defamatory legislator has been classified as “laps calamity” in a complaint document. One of your last names is incorrect. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

In the CAL resolution, President Lori will have to call an “immediate” plenary session to address the issue. He was scheduled to speak in a video.

Meanwhile, after several unsuccessful calls, the plenary was able to settle and debate the bill for the progressive use of energy in the first debate. Neither PSC nor Correismo turned the page on Lori’s appeal to the presidency, and nothing happened at this time.

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