Another killing and territory where exceptions rule. Organized crime can strike wherever it pleases. We Ecuadorians stare in amazement at this reality which has no desire to end. It seems we don’t even know how to respond to a new and very serious social crisis in the country.

The statistics are alarming. In Guayaquil, the violence is concentrated in the cantons of Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondon. In this area, an average of 3.5 violent deaths per day are recorded. There is no need to compare with other countries; It doesn’t help to say that the number of murders has decreased since the start of the state of emergency. A single death is enough to disprove any cold number report, which sounds encouraging. Organized crime has no hesitation in creating concern among the population.

Nothing indicates that the scenario is going to change for a long time: international crime is stronger today than in states. Great global cooperation is urgently needed, even asking for help. While it is difficult for many to admit, it must be acknowledged that if crime does not understand sovereignty, it cannot be admitted under a romantic rhetoric that all foreign support violates a country’s ideals of independence and dignity. The way things are with drug trafficking, no country, at least not all of us, is truly free. Internationally, there is no sovereign status when organizations outside the law violate the right to live in peace.

So far, the population has not responded in an organized way. For example, white marches did not coordinate against the brutality of organized mafias or against the government and the state, whose policies do not provide the necessary sense of security to be free. Anger – as it is happening today – has been expressed through social networks. And in all of them a single demand is synthesized: “Enough is enough!” But everything indicates that this interjection is not very effective: fear can lead to a great joint paralysis.

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