Legislators of different benches gathered in the seat of Roza Serdar, a woman in the assembly. Photo: The Trade

The opposition in the legislature failed to get an absolute majority (70 votes) to impeach the deputy controller. Carlos RiofrioAnd this one led Full conflict Today is Thursday, June 2.

This happened bristle pinkWhose vote was decisive in the middle of the Pachakutik seat in this session.

Lawmakers from Correismo (Unes), dissidents from the Democratic Left (ID), such as J.Ohana Morera And the Pachakutik rebels, who together with the PSC are part of the opposition majority.

There was shouting and gestures among these legislators as they pressured the female Serda of the Legislature for her vote. Morera pushed the official Nathalie AriasWhen pointing at him with his index finger.

Morera tried to get the vote amended, but the new president of the legislature, Virgil Sakisela (Ind.) Did not give way. Pachaukutik rebels have demanded Mario Ruiz Sakisela and urged him to abide by the law.

Until Lorry in GuadalupeWho was ousted by 81 votes two days ago by this majority of the presidency of the Legislative Assembly, rose from his seat in the hustle and bustle.

There were three votes. In the first, the oversight commission failed to get 80 votes to sue for lack of support. He received only 57 votes in favor.

The second vote was in favor of the proposal Ronnie Alega (UNES) so that the regulator Riofrio can be impeached “for lack of probability.” He got 6 votes in favor.

The third vote came at the request of official Anna Belen Cordero, who requested a reconsideration. Requests received 69 out of 70 required votes. In the meanwhile, there was a scuffle over the post of female sergeant in the assembly.

Lori does not recognize Sakisela’s presidency

Cried and said that Does not accept his dismissal As well as the presidency of the Legislative Assembly Virgil Sa.Quisela described the move as “illegal”.

“They have violated due process, legal guarantees and protection of rights. I am here today because it is a continuation and if I (the presidency) is appealed I must return to my seat, “he said.

He stressed that he, as well as the Pachakutik Caucus, would push for steps to defend his position as president.


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