Near midnight and in virtual mode. It will be so The plenary session has resumed Which was closed in chaos on Thursday Legislative chamber.

President of the Council, Lorry in Guadalupe (Pachakutik), made Announcement This Saturday, February 26, 2022, for 10:00 pm, nonetheless Carnival holidays.

A single point is a debate Resolution To obstruct the Administrative Council of the Legislature (Lime) That shelves the proposals of Correismo (Unes) and the Radical Wing Five-legged For Insult The Tax reform.

Delays in the processing of these projects and the eligibility of the Citizens for Participation Council to request a political trial (Cpccs) Llori and the Legislative Council (CAL) are the two reasons used by these groups to request an assessment.

In case of checking a Violation Function, may be Dismissed. art.18 Latest Reform Legislative law That is one of the conditions for this Multiparty Commission.

The new majority

One of the most visible scenarios is that the opposition has a majority Government in the Legislative Assembly. Another is the so-calledCross death”, Which would mean dismantling this function through executive and new general elections.

In terms of numbers, the advantage lies with the blocks correism And Christian Social Party (PSC), which together with the so-called “RebelFrom Five-leggedControls 70 seats, the absolute majority that allows legislation and resolutions to be passed in full.

Alliance within the ruling group of the National Accord (Prohibition), Which parties Faith And IndependentDemocratic Left (ID) And the tribal movement is gradually eroding. It allowed the authority to nominate the legislature last May 14th.

What happened at the plenary made it clear that Lori’s ability to move was limited, as PSC bloc leader Esteban Torres applied for his presidency. Pachakutik plans to hold a political council on March 7, among others, to evaluate the legislature’s agenda.

Cracks in the government

About 10 months after the legislature’s term began, cracks appeared in each of these blocks. The most recent of the BAN ranks, where Nathalie Arias (I think) admits that there are “one or two legislators” who have distanced themselves from the decision.

First Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly, Virgil Saquisela (ind.), assures that he will continue in the BAN, although Llori accuses him of performing together with the new majority in CAL. Unlike the president, he does not believe that instability is going on.

“I do not think so. I believe that what they want to remove is an analysis of the completeness of the functions of all the members of the CAL. In other words, we will all be judged and if a commission is formed we will And they will have the right to defend themselves, “he said.

Political scientist Giuseppe Cabrera explains that Saquicella’s role is important, and that if he is fired, he will have to replace Lori. “If that happens, it will be because they have talked to Saquisella before and there will be certain places or interests where Saquisella will work for these groups.”

In Thursday’s eventful session, Sakisela tried to resume the session adjourned by Lori, but not only did the chamber’s lights and microphones go out, but the assembly’s legal team also withdrew.

For Esteban Torres and Pabel Munoz, from Coreismo, Laurie’s actions – blocking the debate of a multi-party commission – only came to reinforce the reasons they need to evaluate.

“Death Cross”

Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Fernando Villavicencio (Ind.), Believes that it is time to analyze the executive process Cross death; In addition, all the powers of the two powers of the state have to be renewed within six months.

“The moment Lori is removed from the presidency of the Assembly in Guadalupe, President Guillermo Lasso should sign a decree dissolving the legislature (…). The coup legislators have to go home and someone has to go to jail, “he said.

In a statement, the UNES bench indicated that it was “one of the first actions of the state that works, and if it does not, we are going to overcome death.”

However, Lasso It was considered yesterday that it was not the time to do so, as he said stability in the country was needed to attract investment and create jobs. “There will be time for Ecuador to make the right decision, because we cannot gamble on the future of Ecuador in casinos,” he announced on the Carlos Vera program.

Lasso agreed with Lori that the key issue was that the PSC and UNES wanted to destabilize the legislature in order to occupy the legislature and the CPCs and to influence the appointment of powers such as the Comptroller, Attorney, Superintendent, National Electoral Council (CNE).

In connection with the incident, the ruling party has announced that it will take up allegations of assault on the prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, the PSC said that “legal action by the majority is essential in a democracy.”

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