Various standards were created around the mural by Spanish artist Ocuda San Miguel, located at 24 de Mayo Boulevard. Photo: Patricio Terán / EL COMERCIO.

Painted on a mural Historic center of Quito Capital City has created divided opinions and questions.

This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, several citizens gathered there Boulevard To take pictures of the murals on 24D Mayo Avenue and post them on social networks.

Although other users have criticized the work and said there is no mention of it Anniversary Its number 200 Battle of Pichincha.

Civic opinion

Byardo Perez, while analyzing the painting, wondered why they did not have the face of Transito Amaguana or the representative character of the painting. History of Quito.

“A narrative is being imposed that is not agreed upon to this day, also it is the historical center of Quito and it is not being paid to capture the character or elements of our city.”

This opinion was also shared by Juan Jose Villamarin, who confirmed that in these places Tourist Should be reflected Quito waistIn addition to the flora and fauna that characterize Quito.

“If we capture the locations and characters of other cities, we want the whole world to know our city.”

Fernanda Gonzalez, a native of Guayaquil, considers Art As the reason Praise Therefore, it supports carrying out such work.

“Historic centers deserve this kind of artistic expression. I think we should look at all these works as a reference for tourism promotion.”

The work was funded by the Spanish Embassy

There was a grant by this work Embassy of Spain From Ecuador and composed by a Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. It stands out for him Color And for a PikachuThe protagonist of the Pokemon series, in the shape of a hat on a woman’s head.

Located on the Boulevard of Painting May 24 Square. In this, three indigenous female embroiderers can be distinguished. One of them, wearing a Pikachu hat in the middle of the mural.

The work was inaugurated by the municipality of Quito as part of the project WalkartPart of the event for the bicentennial Battle of Pichincha.

Trying to talk to this magazine Angelica AriasThe director of the Metropolitan Institute of Heritage, however, informed us that they could not attend because of agenda items.

Meanwhile, the institute, through its social networks, issued a statement explaining that Okuda San Miguel’s work was conducted in the context of the “Caminart, Route to Freedom” project, a project Traditional place Through art.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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