Five main paths Ajuye This is traversable for Carnival holidays Which will begin this Saturday, February 26, 2022. Cuenca-Moleturo will only be open to traffic on that day, and Pauet-Guarumels will be blocked.

The Cuenca-Moleturo-el Empalme It is the main road that connects the province Guas. These days the pass will be active from 05:00 to 17:00 and will be under permanent control by agents of the Ecuadorian Transit Commission, mainly at 49 km.

That place is huge Active fault line And stability work is carried out. Nowadays, Zone 6 of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) has also intervened with pits, debris clearing and signaling at 67 km from 82 to 84, 88, 90 and 101.

There is an alternative route to perform at night Azogues-CaƱar-Zhud-Cochancay-El Triunfo, Where maintenance work is carried out at various points. There will be assistance from the National Police to manage the traffic better.

Until March 2, and for 40 days, pass through Cuenca-Moleturo To work on the separation of rocky material from the upper part of the slope at 49 km. This material will fall on the road and represent a danger to users.

The Cuenca-Giron-Passage It is in good condition up to the Lentag sector, where the road was drained, the road was leveled and asphalted. From Lentag Until Passage There are holes and with the rain usually the land falls from the hill.

The Gualacio-Limon Indanza and Sigsig-Chiguinda-Gualaquiza, Which connects the Amazonian province of Morona to Santiago, did not present any winter-related problems. But there are some places where asphalt layers have been worn and they have just been left on the ground.

Road time Pauette-Guarumales-Mendez, Which communicates with Morona, is closed to traffic due to the construction of a bridge over Jurupis Creek. Finally, Quenca-Loja has been enabled, but users are advised to be cautious as minor landslides usually occur with rain.

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