Two vehicle accidents Serious This Sunday, April 17, early 2022 was recorded in the south and north Guayaquil.

The first incident was reported at 4:56 a.m. at ECU 911 Guayaquil On the Tungurhua road Y. Francisco Segura. Authorities are investigating a situation where two vehicles collided at the point.

Site material was present The police National, Municipal Transport Authority (ATM) Y Fireman Of Guayaquil, who cooperated with attention to the victims. According to ECU 911 the accident was of one person Dead And three Wounds.

The vehicles involved were towed to the ATM yard. Eyewitnesses noted that accidents often occur at this intersection, as many drivers They do not respect the path of choiceEspecially in the morning.

Another road accident

The second incident took place in 1971 Juan Tanaka Marengo Avenue And av. At the sanctuary point, a car crashed into a pole, which was on the road until 9:00 p.m.

The path to the sanctuary was closed to traffic when the installation was removed.

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