A car collided with the driver Public light poles Is dead. The incident took place this Saturday, the morning of February 26, 2022, on the 12th of October and at the height of Patria Road.

The Quito Fire Department iHe reported that they were present at the incident and coordinated action with the national police. The deceased was identified as Carlos P. And he was traveling in a black Hyundai Tucson car.

Trauma victim died. On physical examination they indicated from the fire department that an infiltrating lesion was observed in the left hemithorax at the level of the second and third ribs. The wound was about 1 cm in diameter and about 5 cm deep. Legal medicine personnel came to the spot to pick up the body.

The ECU 9-1-1 It was indicated that the tragedy was reported after 04:00 and that staff from the Metropolitan Transit Agency were also present at the scene.AMT), Who removed the car.

Carlos Taip was accompanied by five firefighters, as well as an ambulance crew. Fatema Head. In addition, a van of the Incident Command arrived. They clean and place the road Material Absorbent.


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