For the commercial movement Mother’s Day In the center Ambato After two years it became intense again Extreme. Dozens of people were selling on the busiest 12th November and on the corner of Sevalos Avenue and in the commercial premises. Flower arrangements, balloons, clothes, stuffed animals And other souvenirs to be given this Sunday, May 8, 2022 ৷

Also they Warehouse From Clothing, footwear They offer discounts of between 10% and 20%. For example, in Boulevard Of FlowersLocated in Avenida 12 de Noviembre, in the center of Ambato, its 18 stores display floral arrangements for teddy bears, balloons and chocolates. The Price They range from USD 3 to 30.

Luis Silva, one of its managers LocalSaid he has invested USD 600 to buy for this special day Products. “Pack of 24 Roses It was sold by the producers at USD 10 and we are arranging to sell it at normal price. ”

The Sales increased by 50% Saturday 7 May and traders on Sunday expect it to increase by 80-90%. Silva reassures but there is more movement Extreme It puts “two complicated years have passed by us Covid-19There were no sales and people did not leave their homes. ”

Prices go up For Mother’s Day

One of the buyers was Paulina Palo. He came with his daughter Suzanne to buy flowers to give to his mother. He mentioned that Warehouse There are discounts, however Price Is that so? Lifted. The Economic condition It’s not good, but we’re going to celebrate Mom.

Traders reported an increase in sales for Mother's Day in Ambato.  Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo
Traders reported an increase in sales for Mother’s Day in Ambato. Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo

Aurelia Cruz, president of Boulevard de las Flores, said the sale is on sale this holiday season. They have increased by more than 50%. All location offers Gifts And gifts, although the price of flowers for the season has risen from the original USD 4 to USD 10. “We are selling stuffed animals and flower arrangements decorated with chocolates from 1 USD to 30 USD.”

Also in Cake shop El Mundo del Cake, located on Sevalos Avenue and Montalvo Street, has a variety of displays on their windows. Cake Lucilla Alvarado, the manager, mentioned that two years later to celebrate the mother Lockdown There is more movement in sales. She has prepared 200 cakes for this year. “We’ve sold at least 40% and we expect Sunday sales to increase.”

Also the local stuffed animal of Fernanda Gavilanez Sales have increased this season. Small Industry Offers imported dolls in animated television series. Also arranged with chocolate and chocolate. For example, a flower arrangement with a teddy bear sells for between USD 8 and USD 20.

Shoes, electrical appliances and clothing stores have put up posters with the announcement Discount Between 10% and 25%. The Restaurant They also record movement during the day.

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